Native American Culture

A Native American woman in traditional regalia drums at Victor Steinbruek Park

In our outreach we learned that many people consider Victor Steinbrueck Park to have unique importance to Native Americans, many of whom have relocated to Seattle from other places and know the park as place to meet and connect with others. Some call it “Native Park.”

The original design features two carved poles created by Victor Steinbrueck and the artists James Bender and Marvin Oliver, the latter of Quinault/Isleta-Pueblo heritage. Though not representative of local Coast Salish tradition, for many people these art works stir a sense of Native American culture at the park.

The new design will honor Native American culture and celebrate local Coast Salish traditions through patterns and designs, language, and interpretive content.

Patterns and Designs

Scroll through the images below to see examples of how Coast Salish patterns and designs could be incorporated in park elements.


Scroll through the images below to see how Coast Salish language might be used in the park.

Interpretive Content

Scroll through the images below to see examples of how educational elements could be included in the park.