Park Areas

North Side

The site plan for the north side of the park includes new paving, connections, and furniture

Improvements to the north side of the park aim to create a more comfortable and distinct environment for different kinds of gathering. The proposed design restores elements of the original park design that were subsequently removed, including a grove of deciduous trees and an area where young children can play and their parents can sit and watch. The children’s area features stone slabs for climbing and sitting, a paving design that invites kids to examine and discover details of nature and make up games, an accessbile route to the lawn.

To accommodate larger group gatherings, the North Room features a long “council table” that be rearranged by Seattle Parks and Recreation for hosting activities like art and gardening classes, board games, and storytelling.

The proposed design provides a new path from the sidewalk to the existing Tree of Life, a sculpture and gathering area dedicated to the remembrance of homeless people. By connecting the Tree of Life to the street and park gathering areas, the design aims to give it prominence as a welcoming and integral part of the park.


1Tree of Life with New Sidewalk Connection
4Children's Paving
5Low Step to Lawn
6Accessible Route to Lawn
7Stone Slabs
8Council Table
9Supplemental Seating - Moveable Table
10Brick Paving

Existing conditions

Park Ranger speaking in front of visitors at Victor Steinbrueck Park.

Speaker presenting in front of the Tree of Life sculpture in Victor Steinbrueck Park.

Proposed Design - Children's Area

South Side

The site plan for the south side increases the parks connections to the market and western avenue and includes a new pergola with moveable furniture

Improvements to the South Room are focused on fostering the social gathering and mixing that was intended in the original design for this area of the park. New picnic table designs and configurations are more comfortable and flexible, accommodating different sizes of groups and informal arrangements with movable chairs. A low step provides better access to the grassy hill, to better connect it to the gathering area. The old picnic shelter will be replaced with a similar structure, with improved and more durable detailing, more comfortable seating and covered area for movable chairs, and new lighting.

The park will connect to the Market and future Overlook Walk connection to the waterfront at an opening in the wall at the end of the south room. The design for the connection has evolved since Schematic Design. Where steps and a ramped path were previously thought necessary, technical study has shown that an at-grade connection is possible. The layout of the space encourages pedestrians to move through the back, so that people sitting in this area of the park can enjoy an unimpeded view.


1Stair to Western Avenue Sidewalk
2SPR Storage Closet
3Connection to MarketFront
4Access to Lawn
5New Pergola and Furniture
6Supplemental Seating - Movable Chairs

Existing conditions

People sitting underneath the Pergola in the southwest corner of Victor Steinbrueck Park

People sitting to enjoy the view on a clear day in the park

Proposed Design - South Room