Lawn and planting areas will generally remain where they are today. Improvements will be focused on restoring the grove of deciduous trees in the original design, and making more inviting spaces with a richer sense of connection to the park’s natural surrounding.

Restoring the Grove

The original design featured an aspen grove on the north side of the park, meant to provide scale, shade, and seasonal interest. These trees were not succesful and were eventually removed.

The proposed design will restore this grove. While aspens are not an appropriate and viable species for this park, we are looking into options for an alternate selection with similar characteristics in terms of size and shape, fall color, and movement in the wind.

Planting Palette

We are developing a palette of native or adapted trees, low shrubs, accents, and groundcovers to create a cohesive environment that feels natural and connected to the larger landscape, and is durable and sustainable at Victor Steinbrueck Park. The planting design will consider seasonal variation and attracting birds. Some plants, like blueberry, are carried forward from the original design.

The images below show plant species options that reflect the new planting concept for the park.

A collage of images shows a variety of shrubs and bushes including oregon grape, wild strawberry, and white currant

London Plane Tree

The large existing London plane tree in the south end of the park sits less than five feet behind the back of the garage structure below the park and most likely would not survive if left in place during construction. At this time, we are carrying two potential options to address this challenge:

  • remove the existing tree and replace it in kind with a new large specimin tree, or
  • relocate the existing tree during construction and replant it in its original location, after work on the garage and park construction is complete

Park visitors under the shade of the London Plane Tree