Proposed Design

Site Plan

The site plan for the park includes a new children's play area and north and south rooms


1Tree of Life Sculpture
2Children's Play Area
3North Room
4Carved Poles
6South Room

To see design options previously presented to the public, click here.

The proposed design retains the site layout and features of the original park while making significant improvements to the durability and quality of park amenities. The design also helps the park adapt to its new surroundings – it includes a connection to MarketFront and increases circulation and use of key spaces such as the picnic areas in the north and southwest corners of the park. A family friendly area will be created on the north side of the park with expanded seating and dining options set amongst natural features. Surface materials, furnishings, lighting, and other park details are being carefully crafted in order to enhance the beauty of the park while keeping it simple and welcoming to all.

Seattle Parks & Recreation is currently working with community partners and stakeholders on plans to activate the park with small scale activities for all ages. The park design will support this goal by incorporating flexible areas for small gatherings, classes, and storytelling; movable tables and chairs, and storage facilities for maintenance equipment and Park ranger supplies.

The park design will also incorporate the Tree of Life sculpture, which will not be relocated or otherwise moved as the result of feedback received.

Birdseye View

The new site plan shows a connection to the waterfront and market